Intellectual Property Right (IPR)


Aromajoin is enforcing strongly industrial property rights (patent rights, utility model, design rights, trademark) as a part of counter plan for patent troll, also known as PAE (Patent Assertion Entity), who does not manufacture any product or supply any service by themselves but only attempts to using patents it owns to require extremely big money for license fee, compensation without any aims to transfer technologies or support development.

Patent (11)

Besides patents we have already owned or in progress of application, Aromajoin has signed non-exclusive license agreement about patents and trademarks owned by NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) below.

  • Hardware: Smell Display - 4 patents (NICT)
  • PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) International (in progress): Smell Display - 2 patents (NICT)
  • Control methods: Smell Display - 1 patent (NICT)
  • Operating methods: Smell Display - 1 patent (NICT)
  • Software: Application System - 3 patents (Aromajoin)

Trademark (14)

Aromajoin currently owns 14 trademarks.

  • アロマジョイン: registration number – 5532824
  • aromajoin graphics: registration number – 5543663
  • aromajoin: registration number – 5546318
  • cologne pet: registration number – 5561170
  • Aroma Shooter: registration number – 5563235
  • WIPO international trademarks based on Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks: 15 trademarks – in progress.

Internet Domain Name (50)

Since started thinking of this startup in 2006, Aromajoin has been registering for internet domain names. Currently we own 50 domain names.

+81-80-9531-3091 / +81-774-98-6980