CEO’s Message

Aroma Business ranges widely from fragrance, such as flavor in foods and drinks, cosmetics, liquid detergents, to essential oils used in aromatherapy. Especially, in recent years, corporate scent, which utilizes aroma as a method of promoting, has gathered much attention. In many places such as hospitals, lobbies of hotels, shopping malls and electronic device shops, there are business strategies, which aim at making images of corporates and products distinguished by adding aroma, being tested.

On the other hand, in the area of aroma displays which treat aroma as information (or code), there are many businesses have been tested, however there is nearly no successful case. I think, the main reason might be the lacking of the infrastructure, which relates to the operating method, to pair with aroma control technique. If we think of aroma displays as trains, then so far there are many people who develop trains, but only few make rails for the trains to run. For that it cannot immerse effectively into daily life. There is no doubt that the evolving of aroma control technique plays an important role to popularize aroma display. However, even though aroma control technique gets improved, as long as operating method and social infrastructure are not aligned, it cannot move forward. If we think about features of sense of smell, there is a reality that we cannot generalize it like sense of sight or sense of hearing. Therefore, the number of times and number of types of aroma we can reproduce are limited. Provided these constraints, an effective operating method we can think of is to integrate with Social Media. Despite limited number of types of aroma, we can make it with various contents because many social medias share a certain set of aromas. Specifically speaking, we can create a protocol so that aromas used in blogs, video sharing/streaming services can be shared to SNS or reviewing sites.

I think, in infrastructure building, developing an internet based platform, which can support many-to-many interaction systems as well as bidirectional creative activities, will be the key. In other words, it is the thought that by connecting the users who use aroma contents to the users who create aroma contents, enormous aroma contents can be produced. If we can build such platform, I think not only is the aroma contents increased, but it also encourages the appearing of new aroma display which can play various contents, and consequently link to the moving forward of the technique. If such a virtuous cycle is created, naturally the market of aroma displays will be developed.

Aromajoin not only continuously researches and develops “Aroma Shooter”, the aroma display based on space-time aroma control technique, but also invest its resources into building “Aroma Stage”, an internet based platform where users can log in. In addition, it also develops various contents like aroma integrated applications or aroma integrated games. We aim at creating new aroma medias by integrating aroma into existing media.

How aroma business was come up with?

In Japan, since 1960 color television has been broadcasted but Korea was lagged behind 20 years, and color television only started in 1980. Not long from that time, we could watch color television in our home. At that time, my mother said “now we could watch TV with color, so maybe the time to watch TV with aroma may also come”, inspired by that, I started research about aroma TV at my graduate school. After graduating from the school, I worked at NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) where I did research about “aroma diffusing device” as one sub-field in the information technology on five senses. As the research stepped forward, my desire to really make aroma diffusing devices be popular like monitors and speakers got stronger. Yet, I thought of being not only an academic researcher, but also an entrepreneur to manage the whole process of making it real. Originated from the strong desire to “change media in the world”, by not only waiting for aroma TV to be made but actively making it by myself, I started this aroma business. I think, future media will evolve into the new era of an enriched immersive “aroma media”.

CEO’s Profile

CEO Dong Wook KIM

金 東煜 (Dong Wook Kim / borned 1972 / from Busan, South Korea)Since he was 15 years old, he had experienced as a newspaper delivery man, a shoes and tent manufacturing worker, gas cylinder delivery man, a two-wheeled vehicle mechanic and a bike courier. After military discharge from South Korea air force (the first air wing) as a conscription, in 1995, he came to Japan. He had been doing part-time job, such as flyer delivery, rental video delivery, working in restaurant, laundry shop while going to Japanese school, vocational school, college and graduate school. In 2009, he completed his doctoral course in Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, School of Knowledge Science (majored in aroma display, outstanding graduated student in 2008, received testimonial for excellent graduated student). During 2009/4 ~ 2014/3 he worked at National Institute of Information and Communications Technology as a researcher of the Multisensory Cognition and Computation Laboratory (he was doing research about aroma display). In 2012/10, he established Aromajoin Corporation. and became its CEO. Doctor (in knowledge science).

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