Aromajoin Corporation, which is founded at Kyoto, Japan since 2012, is the leading company in scent controllable technology. Our main goal is to digitalize aromas and create a new communication channel in addition to words, images and audios.

Following this ambitious idea, Dr. Dong Wook Kim, who is currently CEO, has spent more than 10 years on researching and developing our core technologies. All of them have been registered patents and trademarks in different countries included Japan and US.

To bring our technologies closer to everyone, we have built a product named Aroma Shooter which allow people to control scents in space and time via PCs, mobile devices, or even IoT devices. Our current customers mainly are researchers from companies and universities in Japan, US, Singapore and UK. Besides, we not only sell products but also provide technologies and platforms which helps other companies to integrate scent controllable technology into their own devices.

Our near future plan is to expand our market and bring our technologies into all existing digital products. Finally, history is not only recorded in words, pictures and sounds but also in scents.


Aromajoin Corporation
April 2017・Rise Up Festa 「Excellence Award」 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ for Information & Internet Service Division
March 2017・Entrepreneur EXPO - Finalists National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
March 2017・「Panasonic Award」 「NTT DATA Award」 Entrepreneur EXPO - Panasonic Corporation・NTT DATA
March 2017・Jury Special Award National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
March 2017・CrowdWorks Award CrowdWorks Inc
October 2016・Home Entertainment Award CEATEC Japan
March 2016・JEITA 「1st JEITA Venture Award」 Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
December 2015・Regional Raising Encouragement Prize Senshu Ikeda Bank
August 2014・PR in your area by scented kiosk terminals Success Road Award - Nanto Bank
July 2014・Japan Grand Prix 「Aroma Shooter」 National StartupDay in Kansai, Tohmatsu Venture・Samurai Incubate
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