Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us or call directly to our office if you are in Japan.(our phone number: +81-774-98-6980 / +81-80-9531-3091)
We ship globally. Please contact us for more details.
We are sorry that we can not provide a demo unit.
AromaShooter is the world's first instantly-switchable directional aroma spray based on the technology of aroma time-space control. Aroma Shooter offers a maximum of six kinds of aromas at the same time whenever you like,and can be loaded with six aroma cartridges and spray six aroma blends. You can switch the aroma instantly according to images or sounds.
For normal-type Aroma Shooter, we provide 3 versions corresponding to 3 communication protocol which are USB, Bluetooth and RS485 devices.
One cartridge can provide 3 second bursts of aroma more than 45,000 times. You could therefore trigger a single cartridge 250 times per day and it would still last six months.
(The following sentences are for shipping in Japan.  Please contact us for overseas shipment.)
Except for the day you ordered, it usually will be shipped within five business days.
If there is no stock, we have received from 3 weeks from 2 weeks.
Custom cartridge will be 2 weeks after arrival of fragrance.
We need 3 grams of perfume per cartridge. State of scent or fragrance: liquid (except ethanol). Concentration or density: not required, but for the best quality, please provide 100% pure essential oil.
It is located in Koganei city, Tokyo NICT Koganei headquarters has two aroma shooters, so you can experience it.
Power is necessary. Take off the power with a USB cable, battery, outlet etc.
About 1.2 square meters (m2), one aroma shooter is a guide. In that case, after 3 to 5 seconds of spraying, please use again after 10 seconds to prevent scent from mixing.
About 4 units in a room of 20 square meters.
Please select your favorite scent from our website.
If you send perfume oil, we process the cartridge. It costs 5,000 yen per processing cost.
By changing the concentration, it is also possible to change the strength of the scent.
To change the concentration, triethyl citrate is required.
For our company's concentration adjustment, please send triethyl citrate along with fragrance.
The cost will be ¥5,000 per perfume processing cost, separately, concentration adjustment fee, ¥3,000 will be generated.
If you send a diluted flavor, we will receive usual cartridge processing fee, ¥5,000 per piece.

※In the case of cartridge processing (density adjustment), even at 100% concentration,
it will be diluted with odorless air at the time of injection, so it will be 80%.
  • Please, download the application from our website.
  • Then set up Bluetooth on the computer.
  • If you do not use the application, Bluetooth will not be recognized.
We have been developing both application for end users and API for developers.
Please refer to our applications page. Some of the applications we have not published yet, please contact us. 
We provide API under our own libraries that works with Aroma Shooter. Our libraries include iOS, Android and Java versions. Therefore, developers can use these libraries to develop mobile or desktop applications.
Download the drivers for your platform. Refer to the following URL: Drivers

After install drivers, confirm COM ports. Refer to the following URL: Guide steps
At the moment, we provide the following SDKs:
For AromaShooter Bluetooth device: Android SDK, iOS SDK and Windows SDK (>= Windows 8.1)
For AromaShooter USB and RS485 devices: Java SDK
We have not published all of them yet, only provide for our customers at the moment. However, some information you can find here: SDK Docs
The diffuse time of AromaPlayer can be set freely regardless of the length of the animation.
Also, it is possible to play continuously.
Internet connection is necessary for the first-time setting.
If you are connected to the Internet, please delete the old history.
  • iOS: Press the center button twice.
  • Android: Swipe by pressing the button on the right side of the Home button.


+81-774-98-6980 / +81-80-9531-3091